What Treatments Are Available for Tinnitus?


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Treatments for tinnitus may include noise suppression, treating underlying conditions, or the use of medications, according to Mayo Clinic. When tinnitus cannot be medically treated, lifestyle changes, such as covering up noise and stress management, can help reduce the symptoms.

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Some underlying conditions that may cause tinnitus are ear wax impaction, vascular disorders and certain medications, notes Mayo Clinic. If a medical condition is not the cause of the tinnitus, there are many types of noise suppression devices that may help reduce tinnitus symptoms. White-noise machines, hearing aids and masking devices may be used. In some cases tinnitus retraining helps the patient become accustomed to tinnitus over time. Medications such as amytriptyline, trycyclic antidepressants and alprazolam may be helpful for some patients with tinnitus.

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