What Treatments Are Available for Pain in the Ball of the Foot?


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Some treatments for inflammation and pain in the ball of the foot, or metatarsalgia, include over-the-counter pain relievers, icing the foot, shoe inserts and changing footwear, according to WebMD. It is caused by strenuous activity, such as jumping and running, shoes that do not fit correctly and other problems that cause pressure and impact on the forefoot.

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Morton's neuroma is another type of pain felt in the ball of the foot, and its symptoms are similar to metatarsalgia, explains WebMD. In this case, the tissue around the nerve around the toes becomes thick. People who have this condition usually have odd sensations, foot pain and numbness around the ball of the foot. Women who wear tight shoes and high heels are most susceptible to Morton's neuroma, but anyone can develop it. Treatment for Morton's neuroma includes shoe inserts, steroid injections, pain relievers and, sometimes, surgery.

Sesamoiditis is another form of pain near the ball of the foot, though it occurs due to an injury or inflammation around the big toe, claims WebMD. The treatment for sesamoiditis includes strict rest, wearing a foot pad under the toe, icing, immobilizing the joint and wearing shoes without heels. Steroid injections also treat this condition.

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