What Treatments Are Available for Numb Feet?


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Numb feet that result from diabetes can improve through better management of glucose and lipid levels, at least for the first five years of numbness. When the condition is the result of thyroid disease or vitamin B12 deficiency, supplementation of thyroid or B12 is recommended, notes Everyday Health.

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When diabetes causes numb feet, that means that persistently high sugar levels have caused nerve damage. People with these elevated levels have a greater chance of encountering nerve damage, while people with normal sugar levels reduce their risk of damage to the nerves and have a greater probability of keeping it from getting worse. This means that maintaining tight control of one's blood sugar levels and keeping cholesterol and triglyceride levels normal are less likely to encounter numbness or to see it worsen once it starts, reports Everyday Health.

Around 50 percent of people who have suffered from diabetes for more than 20 years end up with nerve damage. In about 23 percent of cases, people who intervene with better glucose management experience improvement. However, once the symptoms have been happening for five years or more, improvement is not as likely. For diabetics suffering from numb feet, it is also important to have eyes and kidneys checked annually because numbness usually occurs along with other health problems for diabetics, as stated by Everyday Health.

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