What Treatments Are Available for Medical Thyroid Problems?


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Medical thyroid problems can be treated by medications or surgery, states MedicineNet. The mode of treatment depends on the type of thyroid disease from which an individual suffers.

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Medications are suitable for replacement of a missing thyroid hormone in hypothyroidism. Treatment involves taking a synthetic thyroid hormone pill orally, explains MedicineNet. Medications also minimize the production of thyroid hormone in patients with hyperthyroidism. In cases where medications cannot control hyperthyroidism, radioactive ablation can be used. It involves taking doses of iodine that are labeled with radioactivity in order to destroy thyroid tissue.

Surgery is suitable in the treatment of thyroid cancer. In case the thyroid gland is completely removed, a patient should take synthetic thyroid hormone for life, claims MedicineNet. Graves' disease is also eligible for thyroid surgery.

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