What Treatments Are Available for Liver Lesions?


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Treatment for liver lesions can depend on whether they are cancerous or benign. While noncancerous lesions may often not require surgical removal, cancerous liver lesions or tumors can be treated in different ways, including radiofrequency ablation, surgery, radiation therapy and transplant, depending on its size location and whether it has spread beyond the liver.

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When the cancer has not spread beyond the liver, some treatment options are surgery and radiofrequency ablation, reports the Liver Foundation. However, when cancer has spread to other organs, the patient may be given oral medications like Sorafenib. This is a FDA approved drug used for hepatocellular carcinoma, which is a common form of liver cancer. The California Pacific Medical center states that for metastatic lesions, chemotherapy or transarterial chemoembolization are other possible treatment options.

Noncancerous tumors can include different types like hemangiomas, focal nodular hyperplasia and hepatocellular adenomas. Although these tumors may not require treatment, there are cases when surgical removal is indicated, reports the Emory Healthcare.

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