What Treatments Are Available for Hashimoto Thyroiditis?


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While there is no cure for the autoimmune disease Hashimoto thyroiditis, there is treatment through medication that can be prescribed to replace hormones and regulate the metabolism, according to WebMD. The exact dosage depends on age, weight, severity of the condition and other health problems.

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What Treatments Are Available for Hashimoto Thyroiditis?
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Hashimoto thyroiditis is a condition in which the body's immune system attacks the thyroid. While it is unknown exactly what causes Hasimoto thyroiditis, there are many factors that may contribute to the onset of this condition, including genetic inheritance, sex hormones, too much iodine and radiation exposure.

While Hashimoto thyroiditis may take years to develop, the first symptom may be a goiter, or enlarged thyroid, making the front of the neck appear swollen. Other symptoms may include fatigue, depression, weight gain, muscle and joint pain and constipation.

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