What Treatments Are Available for Gallbladder Problems?


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Doctors typically prescribe antibiotics to treat the first episode of gallbladder inflammation without the presence of stones, according to Healthline. Surgery is typically recommended if a patient experiences multiple episodes.

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What Treatments Are Available for Gallbladder Problems?
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Gallbladder diseases are conditions that affect the pear-shaped sac below the liver called the gallbladder, says Healthline. The gallbladder serves as a storage for the liver’s bile, and it sends the bile to the small intestine.

Most gallbladder diseases result from inflammation that occurs when the gallbladder wall becomes irritated, explains Healthline. The most urgent gallbladder disease is called gallstones, which develop when cholesterol, bile salts and other bile substances create hard deposits that obstruct the passageway to the gallbladder. Another common gallbladder disease is cholecystitis, which manifests as an acute or chronic inflammation. Some of the possible long-term complications of gallbladder disease include inflammation, intestine obstruction, bacterial contamination, perforation and malignant transformation.

Removal of the gallbladder through surgery is often the suggested treatment for gallbladder diseases, states Healthline. Surgeons either open the abdomen or perform laparoscopic operation, wherein the doctors make three holes and insert a camera. Laparoscopic surgery usually leads to easy and fast recovery without causing a prominent scar. Many surgeons favor this type of treatment method if there are no critical complications.

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