What Treatments Are Available for an Eye Stroke?


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Corticosteroids have increased visual sharpness in some instances of eye stroke if initiated soon enough. This treatment enhances circulation while alleviating swelling, making the vessels less likely to leak. Research also indicates that protective medications may regenerate fibers in the optic nerve, according to About.com.

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Eye stroke results from poor circulation in the blood vessels supplying the front section of the optic nerve, which links the brain to the eye. Eye strokes can occur after a complete blockage of one of these blood vessels, but more commonly the poor circulation results from insufficient pressure or tissue perfusion. As blood pressure changes in relation to eye pressure, the blood flow reduces, leading to stroke, states About.com.

Eye stroke generally happens with little warning. Most patients wake up one morning with no vision in one eye, while others notice a shadow in their vision in one half of the visual field. When a doctor is testing for eye stroke, he dilates the eyes to examine the retina and optic nerve. The normal eye and affected eye are compared to look for changes. The doctor seeks to rule out artertic ION, which is a life-threatening eye stroke, explains About.com. The specific diagnosis determines the course of treatment.

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