What Are the Treatments for Artery Blockages?


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Artery blockages may be treated with lifestyle changes, surgical procedures or medication, explains WebMD. The treatment method depends on the amount of blockage a person has and the medical history of the patient.

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Lifestyle changes often work for those who have clogged arteries, according to WebMD. Some of the lifestyle changes that doctors recommend include eating a low-fat diet, not smoking and maintaining a healthy body weight. A doctor may also suggest managing stress, keeping the blood sugar under control, and keeping both cholesterol and blood pressure low.

There are some instances where surgery is required to clear out arteries, claims WebMD. A stent, for instance, may be surgically placed in an artery to ensure the proper flow of blood. Bypass surgery may also be necessary in some cases. With this procedure, healthier arteries are moved around so blood can bypass the clogged ones. Balloon angioplasty may also be used to open up arteries that have become clogged. Medications to help clear blocked arteries may also be considered. Drugs that help lower cholesterol and blood pressure are often prescribed. Some patients may be prescribed a daily aspirin regimen as it can serve as a blood thinner, helping the blood get through tight arteries.

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