What Are Some Treatments for Ant Bites?

Topical treatments for ant bites include apple-cider vinegar, ice, aloe vera, tea-tree oil, calamine, soap and aspirin, according to FindHomeRemedy. Some other remedies are toothpaste, tea bags, salt, alcohol and baking soda.

Applying apple-cider vinegar to ant bites helps prevent infection, and reduces the pain and itch caused by some ant bites. This type of vinegar is effective because it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Putting ice on ant bites can prevent them from swelling up and itching by acting as an antihistamine. Histamines are what cause the bites to swell and itch, states FindHomeRemedy. Gel from the aloe-vera plant can reduce the itching, pain and swelling associated with ant bites. An individual should squeeze gel from the plant and apply it to the affected area, letting the gel dry and reapplying as needed.

For severe itching and swelling, FindHomeRemedy suggests applying diluted tea-tree oil to ant bites. Tea-tree oil helps prevent infection of the skin.

The application of calamine lotion can prevent itching and swelling in the area of ant bites. The Mayo Clinic recommends shaking the bottle of calamine lotion before application, soaking a cotton pad with the lotion, applying it to the skin and letting the lotion dry. Calamine lotion is intended for external use only.