What Are Treatments for the After Effects of an MRI?


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No side effects occur from an MRI test, claims eMedicine Health. If a contrast injection is used during the scan, the IV is removed before the patient leaves. There have been no known side effects from the use of this contrast injection.

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An MRI test is meant to be a painless procedure using magnets and radio waves to find issues inside the body, according to MedicineNet.com. However, anyone with metal objects inside one's body, such as a pacemaker, or metal implants or chips, cannot have an MRI done. The magnets used in the MRI may cause the metal devices or implants to shift. People undergoing chemotherapy or who have an insulin pump should also not receive MRI tests.

Because the MRI scan requires the patient to be in an enclosed tube for at least a half hour as loud clicking noises occur, someone who suffers from claustrophobia or anxiety may be given a sedative during the scan, says MedicineNet.com. This is also helpful because the MRI requires a patient to be as still as possible and remain relaxed throughout the procedure. There is usually a way to communicate with the MRI technician, in case a patient is not able to tolerate the confines of the scan.

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