What Is the Treatment for Vitiligo?


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There are several treatment options available to people who suffer with vitiligo, including medicine, light therapy and surgery, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. People can also sometimes mask the appearance of the skin condition with the use of cosmetics. There are some alternative treatments that are reported to treat vitiligo, such as vitamin and mineral supplementation, but these options have not yet been substantiated enough through scientific research.

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What Is the Treatment for Vitiligo?
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Depending on the location and severity of a person's skin discoloration, some dermatologists recommend that patients use cosmetics to avoid the side effects of prescription medications. People may not have the patience or skill to reapply makeup to the effected areas on a daily basis. In these cases, doctors may prescribe a topical corticosteroid. This treatment plan does not work as effectively for people with light skin, nor does it help much on areas of the body aside from the face, according to the AAD

Excimer laser treatment and PUVA light therapy help a larger number of patients than topical prescriptions do, but the cost is much higher and patients must receive several treatments to see any improvements, the AAD reports. Unfortunately, the results can often be temporary and patients commonly experience a recurrence of their vitiligo. The most effective treatment is surgery, in which case doctors remove healthy skin from one are of the body and implant it in the areas that are affected with the disease.

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