What Is the Best Treatment for Very Sore Gums Due to Dentures?


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Home remedies for sore gums resulting from dentures include applying cloves or figs to the affected area and gargling warm saltwater or an aniseed, peppermint leaf and water mixture, suggests HowStuffWorks. Eating soft, easy-to-chew foods like soups, stews, pastas, pudding and applesauce help prevent further damage to sensitive gum tissue.

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Keeping false teeth clean is also important in preventing the buildup of bacteria; patients are advised to clean dentures twice daily with soap, warm water and a hand brush, states HowStuffWorks.

Dentures should always be removed at night; in the event of severe irritation, they should be removed for a period of 24 hours. Dentures should be examined yearly and replaced every two to three years, according to Penn State University medical professor David J. Hufford.

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