What Is the Treatment for Venous Leg Ulcers?


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The treatment for venous leg ulcers involves improving blood circulation by using compressions, raising the leg above the heart level and walking daily. The doctor may alsoremove the dead tissues from the wound to help speed the healing of ulcer. Wearing the leg compressions is necessary after even the condition has healed.

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Compression treatments may include wrapping a compression bandage around the leg, wearing multilayer compression wraps or wearing compression stockings. The type of compression treatment to use is recommended by the health care provider basing on the characteristics of the condition and the level of drainage from the wound. Compression helps to improve blood flow and prevents the condition from coming back.

Dressing the wound is also necessary to prevent the worsening of the wounds. Antibiotics may be given to help in speedingrecovery from the condition. Severe venous leg ulcers that are hard to heal may require skin grafting, as stated by WebMD. In some cases, a vein surgery may be necessary to prevent the recurring of the condition.

Venous leg ulcers are type of wounds that do not heal quickly and keep recurring. This condition can be caused by poor blood circulation, renal kidney, diabetes, hypertension, venous insufficiency, certain infections, certain medicationsand inflammatory diseases, among others.

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