How Do You Get Treatment at a VA Medical Center?


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Access to treatment at a medical centeraffiliated with the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, or VA, can be availed by scheduling an appointment with the facility. Eligible veterans can seek treatment ata VA hospital, in any specialty VA care clinic, in a community living center, at a community-based outpatient clinic or in a housing care facility, according to the VA.

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Veterans are thosewho actively served in the U.S. armed forces and have been discharged honorably from the service, as stated by Cornell University Law School. These individuals are qualified toenroll in health care programs and other assistance services provided by the federal government.

Enrolledpatients who want to obtaintreatment are advisedto first contact the facilityduring regular officehours. Unscheduled arrivals at a VA centerwill result in a waiting period, as severity of the condition determines the speed of access to treatment. In some instances, appropriate medical servicesmay not be available within the area and patients might be referred to another facility. Assistance will be givenby the primary VA provider, who is also responsible for making arrangements in case a patient requires hospitalization.

Although VA is dedicated to providing prompt medical attention to their patients by avoiding needless delays, the Phoenix VA hospital hasput on hold 1,700 of its patients in unofficial wait lists, as reported by the VA inspector general in 2014. As a result, the Pentagon mandated a 90-day investigation of the entire VA system.

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