What Is the Treatment for Urinary Infections in Men?


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Urinary tract infections in men can be treated using antibiotics, according to Drugs.com. Antibiotics kill bacteria, which are the main cause of urinary tract infections. Another treatment for urinary tract infections in men is use of urinary tract medications, which help relieve symptoms of the infections including a burning sensation during urination, pain while urinating and a frequent urge to urinate.

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Although antibiotics may be effective in the treatment of urinary tract infections in men, prolonged use of the drugs may render them ineffective as the bacteria may resist them, says Drugs.com. When this happens, the condition facilitates the spread of the bacteria to the upper urinary tract, increasing the chances of the spread of the bacteria to the blood stream. It is advisable to seek immediate medical attention when the signs and symptoms of urinary tract infections appear to ensure early diagnosis and treatment of the condition. This helps prevent complications associated with the infections. To diagnose a urinary tract infection, a doctor seeks to know the signs and symptoms that a patient experiences, and may order further tests such as blood test and urinalysis.

Urinary tract infections are infections that attack the kidneys, urethra, urinary bladder or ureters as a result of entry of bacteria into any of these parts, notes Drugs.com. Factors that may predispose an individual to urinary tract infections include urinary tract blockages, prostatitis, unprotected sex with an infected person and a weak immune system.

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