What Is the Treatment for an Ulnar Nerve Injury?


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Treatment for ulnar nerve injury begins with avoiding the pressure and repetitive motions of the elbow, hands and wrists that cause strain on the nerve in conjunction with wearing an elbow brace at night, according to NYU Langone Medical Center. Steroid injections may be given to help relieve symptoms. If these methods fail to provide relief, surgery to repair the injury is recommended.

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Four types of surgery are used to treat an ulnar nerve injury: simple decompression, simple decompression with epicondylectomy, subcutaneous transposition and submuscular transposition, notes NYU Langone Medical Center. During the first two surgical procedures, compression of the nerve is released everywhere it occurs. However, in the second procedure, part of the "funny bone" is also removed. In the subcutaneous transposition procedure, the ulnar nerve is decompressed and then moved from its normal position to the front of the elbow. Thin people may have future problems with external trauma to the nerve after this type of surgery. During a submuscular transposition, the muscles near the elbow are cut and the ulnar nerve is placed underneath them. The muscles are reattached to provide protection for the nerve. This particular procedure is considered the most definitive of them all, according to NYU Langone Medical Center.

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