What Is the Treatment for a Swollen Knee?

A swollen knee is a minor, yet common injury people sometimes endure, and simple and efficient treatments include, rest, ice, compression, elevation and over-the-counter medication, recommends WebMD. In more serious cases where pain persists, you may go see your doctor and ask for a stronger prescription.

The biggest mistake many people make is they refuse to rest the swollen knee. Whether it is from an injury, or a completely painless side effect, swelling of the knee can be quite a concern if not attended to properly. Therefore, resting is the number one priority if you expect the swelling to show any signs of reducing. In terms of taking different approaches to simply "resting," WebMD advises you to place a cushion under your knee to keep it elevated while sitting and lying down. In order to minimize swelling, it is recommended to keep the knee at or above the area of your heart, maintaining healthy blood flow as well. Additionally, it is very important to keep the swollen area chilled and compressed properly. To avoid any further swelling, make sure you don't wrap your bandages too tight or come into contact with hot showers, hot tubs, heating pads and alcohol consumption. Ultimately, if none of the above recommendations seem to be doing enough, you may take aspirin or anti-inflammatory topical cream.