What Is the Treatment for a Swollen Foot?


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While treatment for swollen feet varies depending on the underlying cause, it typically includes elevating the feet, taking antibiotics for infection and wrapping an injured foot, according to MedicineNet.com. If foot swelling occurs with shortness of breath, fever or other serious symptoms, the person should seek immediate medical care.

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What Is the Treatment for a Swollen Foot?
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To reduce swelling from a sprained foot or other acute injury, the patient should apply ice to the swollen area, wrap the foot in a compression bandage, avoid walking on the foot and elevate the affected leg, as instructed by WebMD. A foot infection from an open sore can cause swelling and is commonly seen in patients with impaired foot sensation due to diabetic neuropathy. If the foot may be infected, the patient should consult a doctor for proper treatment.

If the feet swell throughout the day due to excessive walking or standing, the individual can rest while elevating the feet above the heart to reduce swelling, as stated by MedicineNet.com. Swelling that is caused by gout or congestive heart failure requires the appropriate medication, and blood thinners may be used if a blood clot is found to be the cause, according to WebMD. Patients should call a doctor immediately if they notice abnormal foot swelling so they can receive proper diagnosis and treatment.

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