What Is the Treatment for a Strained Groin?


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The treatment for a strained groin typically includes an application of ice to the inside of the thigh for 20 to 30 minutes every three to four hours to reduce pain and swelling, explains WebMD. Anti-inflammatory pain reducers, stretching and strengthening exercises and rest are also recommended.

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Rest is one of the primary treatment recommendations for a strained groan, according to WebMD. The injured area should be protected from activity for at least one to two weeks or more as recommended by a physician. Pulled muscles and strains in the groin can take a few weeks to heal completely. While resting, patients should ice the inner thigh every three to four hours until the pain subsides. Compression with tape or elastic bandage helps to keep the muscle tight as well.

The first few days after a groin strain, individuals should take anti-inflammatory painkillers if the pain is severe, according to WebMD. Once a physician approves activity, patients should engage in strengthening and stretching exercises as long as the pain has subsided. Aggressive exercise and stretching can lead to further damage. Guidance from a medical professional or physical therapist is recommended when strengthening and stretching the groin area after a strain.

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