Is There a Treatment for Stomach Cramps?


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Depending on the cause of the stomach cramp, there can be different types of treatments. Cramping is a symptom of many different factors like stomach gas, menstrual cycle, indigestion or pain associated with an organ in the abdominal region, relates MedicineNet. Although some causes of stomach pain can be harmless and may not need treatment, others that are accompanied with symptoms like severe pain can be more serious medical conditions, reports WebMD.

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Is There a Treatment for Stomach Cramps?
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Stomach cramping is abdominal pain that can come and go or change in its severity, explains WebMD. Abdominal cramping or pain that becomes severe, lasts longer than a day or is situated in one location can have serious causes that may be linked to conditions like appendicitis, abdominal perforations or an injury to the stomach. The pain may also be linked to diseases of organs like the gallbladder, or the small intestine, according to MedicineNet. Each of these medical conditions is treated in different ways. For example, appendicitis may require surgery.

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