What Is the Treatment for Sore and Itchy Eyelids?


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There are many treatments for sore and itchy eyelids, depending upon the underlying cause. Some remedies for sore and itchy eyelids caused by seasonal allergies include sterile saline rinses, decongestant eye drops and oral antihistamines, recommends WebMD. Preventative factors for sore and itchy eyelids include monitoring pollen counts, preventing mold growth in the home, and using allergen-impermeable bed clothes.

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What Is the Treatment for Sore and Itchy Eyelids?
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Those suffering from sore and itchy eyelids may be showing symptoms of blepharitis, states WebMD. Allergies can cause blepharitis, as well as buildup of bacteria growth and blockage of the eye's oil glands. Treatment options include performing proper eyelid hygiene by placing a warm, wet washcloth over the eyes for five minutes. Another option is to apply diluted solution of 50 percent baby soap and warm water to the eye using a warm washcloth. If a blockage of the oil glands causes blepharitis, an application of a testosterone eye cream may be necessary, or the doctor may recommend a procedure that heats the oil glands to remove excess oil.

Some common causes of sore and itchy eyelids include cosmetics, use of an ophthalmic solution and hair dye, states Review of Ophthalmology. Other culprits include the metal used in eyelash curlers and certain ingredients in artificial nails. In these cases, finding and avoiding the offending agent is the preferred method of treatment.

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