What Is the Best Treatment for Skin Dermatitis?


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The best treatments for skin dermatitis include applying corticosteroid cream to the affected area and subjecting the skin to artificial or natural light, according to Mayo Clinic. Calcineurin inhibitors, which suppress the immune system, and lifestyle changes may also be effective for treating skin dermatitis.

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What Is the Best Treatment for Skin Dermatitis?
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Nonprescription products that reduce itching and inflammation can also alleviate the symptoms of dermatitis, explains Mayo Clinic. The products include oral antihistamines, calamine lotion and hydrocortisone cream. The regular use of moisturizers may also aid in treating less serious cases of dermatitis. Antihistamines, including Benadryl, slow down the production of urine and make the patient sleepy.

Applying a cold compress to the affected area may also relieve dermatitis, as detailed by Mayo Clinic. The patient should avoid scratching or rubbing the skin. Dressing the area, wearing gloves while sleeping and cutting off nails may prevent scratching. Avoiding body contact to skin irritants and wearing soft, cotton clothing may also alleviate the symptoms of dermatitis.

Undertaking stress-reducing activities, including biofeedback and tranquility, may cure dermatitis, according to Mayo Clinic. Using mild detergents that contain no scent to wash sheets, clothes and towels may prevent the problem. A patient with skin dermatitis should add colloidal or uncooked oatmeal to warm water before taking a bath. Taking a bleach bath may also help in healing extreme dermatitis. The patient should mix half of a cup of household bleach with 40 gallons of warm water.

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