What Is the Treatment for Shaky Hands Caused by Nerves and Anxiety?

People whose hands shake as a result of an anxiety disorder often benefit from medication and therapy, reports MedicineNet. For short-term alleviation of shaky hands, relaxation techniques such as deep breathing can help the person calm down.

Everyone gets anxious and nervous in some situations, but anxiety disorders are characterized by excessive anxiety in normal situations on a regular basis, notes MedicineNet. This can be its own disorder, called generalized anxiety disorder. It can also be associated with other mental illnesses, including depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

While patients are waiting for their treatment to work, lifestyle changes and self-soothing techniques can help manage the symptoms, including tremors and shakiness, reports Psych Central. Regular exercise is important because it relieves stress and releases endorphins, which reduce anxiety. Meditation, yoga and journaling are also useful for minimizing anxious thoughts. Using cognitive behavioral techniques to question the focus of the anxiety can also help, since many panic attacks are focused on unrealistic scenarios.

Asking other people to help can also make the person feel better and stop shaking, notes the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Sometimes engaging in a good laugh helps counteract the symptoms of anxiety. Talking to a supportive friend or family member can also calm people down. Therapists or counselors help people develop personalized coping strategies as well.