What Is the Treatment for a Scorpion Bite?


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Treatment for a scorpion bite or sting involves icing the area to reduce swelling at the site of the bite and taking an antihistamine to reduce itching, notes WebMD. Hydrocortisone cream may also relieve itching and swelling. The stings of the scorpion is painful, but usually causes no allergic reaction; however, the bark scorpion's sting can be quite serious and requires immediate medical attention.

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What Is the Treatment for a Scorpion Bite?
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The bark scorpion, which lives throughout the southwestern United States, is the most venomous scorpion in the country. Exposure to its venom causes symptoms such as muscle twitching, weakness, racing heart and high blood pressure, notes WebMD. Although fatalities are rare, the symptoms of this sting require immediate medical attention.

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