What Is the Best Treatment for Ringworm?


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The best treatment for ringworm is antifungal cream or antifungal pills depending on the strength of the ringworm virus, according to WebMD. The stronger the virus and the stronger the symptoms, the more necessary the prescription pill will be.

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These prescription pills can range from allylamines, azoles, griseofulvin, tinactin or clotrimazole, depending on the doctor's exam. These pills can all cause damage to the liver and the kidney, so it is recommended that any patient who takes these pills is tested throughout treatment to ensure these organs are functioning properly. Without such strong symptoms, simply buying over-the-counter creams should work. However, patients should realize that it usually takes a couple of weeks before the rash and other symptoms will fully subside, reports WebMD.

Ringworm is most often caused by fungi that makes its way into the body and takes root. It can be spread through contact with animals who have ringworm or other people that have ringworm, states Healthline. Contact with ringworm infected soil or other ringworm infected items can cause ringworm. People who use public water areas, such as pools or public showers, are most likely to develop ringworm, although anyone can develop it, according to Healthline. It is recommended that people who use these facilities bring their own soaps and wear protective shoes.

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