What Is the Treatment for a Right Bundle Branch Block?


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If a right bundle branch block occurs due to an underlying heart condition, treatment is directed at the underlying condition, such as administering drugs to bring down high blood pressure, states Mayo Clinic. Other treatments include reducing the effects of heart failure and using angioplasty to open the heart artery.

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In patients with bundle branch block, there is a delay, or block, on the path that sends electrical

impulses to the right or left side of the heart's bottom chambers. Most patients are symptom-free and treatment is typically unnecessary, notes Mayo Clinic. Patients with symptoms such as fainting may be treated with a pacemaker, which maintains a regular heartbeat using electrical impulses. A cardiac resynchronization device is sometimes beneficial. The device is similar to a pacemaker, but it has a third wire that the surgeon connects to the left side of the heart, which keeps both sides in rhythm.

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