What Is the Treatment and Recovery Time for a Torn Hamstring?


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The recovery time for a torn hamstring takes between three and six months for surgery and rehabilitation, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Distal hamstring tears, meaning that the hamstring tears from the shin, is the most common type of tear and heals within three months.

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What Is the Treatment and Recovery Time for a Torn Hamstring?
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Proximal hamstring tears occur where the hamstring attaches to the pelvis, explains the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. This tear is more rare and serious that distal tears, taking at least six months to heal completely and requiring surgery to repair the rupture. During surgery, the surgeon removes scar tissue and staples or sews the hamstring back into place. After surgery, the patient must keep a brace on the leg and keep weight off of it to allow the hamstring to heal. Rehabilitation begins with stretches and range-of-motion exercise and eventually includes strength training.

Most hamstring injuries are strains rather than tears, states the Mayo Clinic. Although severe tears require surgery, the majority of hamstring injuries can heal by properly resting the leg and rehabilitating it once the pain subsides. Once the injury occurs, the individual should apply ice to the area several times a day and wrap the leg in a compression bandage. The patient should use a cane or crutches to keep weight off the injury. After the injury stops swelling and the pain is manageable, the individual needs to go to physical therapy to rehabilitate the leg.

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