What Is a Treatment for a Pulled Groin?


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Icing the groin, compression, anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy are common treatments for a pulled groin, explains WebMD. Time and rest usually help a pulled groin to heal on its own.

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To speed healing of a pulled groin muscle, apply ice to the muscle in 20- to-30-minute increments every three or four hours for several days, according to WebMD. Use tape or an elastic bandage to compress the thigh.

Taking anti-inflammatory medication, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, may also help to treat a groin injury, states WebMD. Over-the-counter brands, such as Motrin, Aleve and Advil, can help reduce the swelling and pain that comes with a groin pull, but they should not be used over a long period.

Getting the muscle moving again is important, too, but only after it has had time to rest, says WebMD. A doctor or physical therapist can advise when to start movement in the muscle following a pulled groin. Starting the movement too early may further damage the groin.

If other treatments do not work for a pulled groin, surgery may be performed, notes WebMD. Surgery may relieve the pain associated with a painful groin, but not all patients can return to the same activity level following surgery.

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