What Is the Best Treatment for Prostate Cancer?


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The best treatments for prostate cancer include surgery, external radiation therapy and internal radiation therapy, according to Men's Health. Most treatments have a 90 percent success rate when they are used early enough after the cancer develops and while it is confined solely to the prostate. Around 75 percent of prostate cancer cases are diagnosed before it has moved beyond the prostate gland.

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Surgery removes the prostate gland and thus the risk of dying of prostate cancer. This can be done with open surgery or laproscopic surgery, and is generally a radical procedure. The prostatectomy may causesome negative side effects,however,including the potential for incontinence and impotence.

External radiation therapy uses high-energy particles or X-rays to shrink tumors of the prostate or kill cancer cells. Typically, 40 treatments are given during a period of 5 weeks, and there are few short-term risks involved, although long-term damage to the rectum or bladder may result.

Internal radiation involves the implantation of radioactive seeds in the prostate. These seeds emit low-dose radiation to kill out cancer cells. The seeds are usually left inside the prostate. However, because the seeds can be excreted during sex, sex should involve the use of acondom following the procedure.

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