What Is the Treatment and Prognosis for a Child With Williams Syndrome?


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There is no known cure for Williams syndrome as of 2015, but social training, physical therapy, speech therapy, monitoring of blood and heart vessel defects and occupational therapy are some of the treatments that can be administered to manage associated symptoms. The treatment administered depends on individual symptoms. The life span of most children diagnosed with Williams syndrome is not as long as normal, because of various complications.

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Williams syndrome is a rare genetic condition; some of the major medical conditions that affect the life span of children diagnosed with Williams syndrome include abdominal pain, heart failure as a result of narrowed blood vessels and calcium deposits in the kidney. An estimated 1 in 8,000 newborns have Williams syndrome, and 75 percent of children diagnosed with it have a form of intellectual disability, as stated in the New York Times Health Guide.

The symptoms of Williams syndrome vary from person to person. It causes both developmental and physical symptoms, which include abnormal facial features, heart defects and intellectual disability. The symptoms can easily be noticed by doctors and parents. A Williams syndrome diagnosis can be confirmed via the fluorescent in situ hybridization, or FISH, test. Williams syndrome cannot be prevented. A person with the disorder has a 50 percent chance of passing it to the next generation, according to Healthline.

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