What Is the Treatment for Post Concussion Syndrome?


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There is no one treatment for post concussion syndrome, according to Mayo Clinic, but most people recover with rest and by minimizing stress, notes WebMD. However, doctors may treat the individual symptoms.

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What Is the Treatment for Post Concussion Syndrome?
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Headaches are a common symptom of post concussion syndrome, according to WebMD, and Mayo Clinic states that they can be treated with certain antidepressants and some medications typically used for migraine or tension headaches. Mayo Clinic notes that regular over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers potentially make the headaches more persistent.

Cognitive problems such as trouble with memory, concentration and thinking are also symptoms of post concussion syndrome, and they are treated with cognitive therapy and relaxation therapy, advises Mayo Clinic. Cognitive therapy includes learning coping mechanisms and compensations skills at home or work, and training exercises that focus on a particular area that needs improvement, as practised by Boulder Community Health.

Psychological symptoms such as depression and anxiety are treated with the appropriate medications or by seeing a psychotherapist, and they resolve themselves after the patient realizes his condition can eventually improve, states the Mayo Clinic.

According to Dr. Karl Kozlowski of Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, a rehabilitative program that combines rest with gradual, regular exercise works better at reducing the symptoms of post concussion syndrome than rest alone.

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