What Is the Best Treatment for Pinkeye?


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Bacterial pinkeye is treated with an antibiotic, but viral pinkeye is just treated with compresses and eye drops until the symptoms resolve, notes WebMD. No matter which variety the patient has, he should stay home from school, day care or work until the eye has returned to its normal color.

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What Is the Best Treatment for Pinkeye?
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People who wear contacts should take them out until the pinkeye, or conjunctivitis, has vanished completely, relying on glasses for vision in the meantime. They should also clean the contact lenses and the storage case thoroughly, states WebMD.

Compresses provide a great deal of respite from discomfort. For people who developed pinkeye through allergies, a cool compress often feels better. In the case of an infection, a moist and warm compress can alleviate swelling and redness while soothing the discomfort. It's important to use a different compress for each eye, as the compresses can spread the infection, particularly if they are warm, reports WebMD.

Following a strict procedure when cleaning the eye is also important. The patient should wipe from the side nearest the nose toward the outside, using clean surfaces with each wipe to avoid rubbing drainage back into the eye. It's crucial to place wipes or tissues directly into the trash after use and to put washcloths directly into the laundry so that nobody else touches them, notes WebMD.

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