What Is the Treatment for Persistent Nausea?


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Persistent nausea can be treated in a variety of ways, including drinking clear fluids, avoiding solid foods, eating high protein snacks, avoiding solid foods, taking an oral rehydration solution, engaging in drug therapy and treatment of the root cause. Almost everyone experiences nausea at some point in their life.

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As many as 50 percent of pregnant women experience nausea or morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Other causes of nausea include alcoholism, headaches, motion sickness, rotavirus, appendicitis and intestinal obstruction. Someone may also feel nauseated by the sight of something unpleasant or smelly.

For people experiencing nausea as a result of drinking alcohol, the best remedy is to avoid drinking. Continual drinking of alcohol will cause nausea despite trying other forms of treatment. Pregnant women on the other hand can deal with nausea by consuming snacks rich in protein before getting out of bed in the morning.

Solid foods have a tendency of increasing the feeling of nausea; it is therefore advisable to avoid them and drink large amounts of clear fluids until the feeling subsides. Treating issues such as headaches, abdominal disorders and other organ complications, may also be a good way to get rid of nausea.

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