What Is the Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy?


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WebMD indicates that the treatment for peripheral neuropathy depends largely on the cause of the nerve damage and can include dietary, medication and lifestyle changes. Peripheral nerves have little ability to regenerate, so it is vital to get treatment early.

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MedicineNet points out that if the cause is from vitamin deficiencies, peripheral neuropathy can be corrected with supplements. If diabetes is the cause, diet and medication can help. Neuropathies caused by immune diseases are relieved by treatment of the immune disease. If nerve entrapment is the problem, physical therapy, injections or surgery may be needed.

Mayo Clinic suggests medications, therapies and lifestyle changes. Medications that are commonly used include pain relievers, anti-seizure drugs, immunosuppressive medications, capsaicin cream, lidocaine patches and antidepressants. Therapies that are helpful consist of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, plasma exchange, physical therapy and infrared therapy. Some of the lifestyle changes found helpful involve exercise, eating healthy, avoiding smoking and alcohol, massages and controlling any underlying conditions.

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