What Is the Best Treatment for Paper Thin Skin?


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The best treatments for paper-thin skin include moisturizing the skin, treating with retinol and avoiding the sun, claims Mayo Clinic. Other treatment methods include protecting the skin by covering it with clothing and using sunscreen when outdoors.

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Keeping the skin moisturized is important when treating skin that is paper thin, explains Mayo Clinic. Heavy moisturizing creams such as Cetaphil, Vanicream and CeraVe are highly recommended. Visiting the doctor and asking for retinol is also recommended for those who have paper-thin skin. Made of vitamin A, this treatment may help to make the skin stronger and more resilient to injury.

Staying out of the sun as much as possible is also recommended for people with paper-thin skin, according to Mayo Clinic. In this case, if a person must be in the sun, she should cover the skin with clothing and wear sunscreen. Paper-thin skin is very common in older adults and is often caused by a combination of aging, genetics and past sun exposure. There are several medications that may cause the skin to become thin, such as topical corticosteroids. In most cases, thin skin is not a serious condition, but if a person cannot determine the underlying cause of her thin skin, she should see a doctor for evaluation.

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