What Is the Best Treatment for Painful Corns?


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The best treatment for painful corns involves having the growth removed by a medical professional who can trim down the growth or surgically remove it, according to WebMD. Additional treatments include soaking the skin in warm water and using a pumice stone to gently scrape away dead skin on the corn.

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In consultation with a medical professional, patients can coat the corn with salicylic acid to soften the rubbery and whitish growth and then rub off the corn with a pumice stone, explains WebMD. Patients who have circulatory problems or diabetes should avoid using salicylic acid on the skin unless directed by a physician.

Individuals with corns on the feet or toes, a common area for these growths, may find that pain is alleviated when wearing protective padding over the corns and shoes that are roomy to relieve pressure on corns that are located in weight-bearing areas, according to WebMD. Deeper toe boxes on shoes help relieve the pressure of the corns and reduce the risk of the top of the shoe pressing against the toes.

Home remedies such as placing cotton or a foam cushion between the toes can help to reduce pain and pressure caused by corns, explains PodiatryNetwork.com. In extreme cases, physicians may need to surgically remove bones that are shaped irregularly and that increase the risk of corns developing.

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