What Is the Treatment for Oral Lichen Planus?


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Treatments for oral lichen planus, an inflammation of the mucus membranes in the mouth, include symptomatic remedies, corticosteroids, retinoids, immune response medicines and addressing triggers, explains Mayo Clinic. Oral lichen planus treatments focus on reducing pain and healing severe lesions. Mild cases of lesions typically do not require treatment.

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Topical numbing agents serve as symptomatic treatment to temporarily relieve severely painful areas, notes Mayo Clinic. Corticosteroids in the form of mouthwash, pills, gel, injections or ointment treat inflammation caused by oral lichen planus. Retinoids are another topical or oral treatment sometimes used to treat oral lichen planus. Immune response medications lessen pain and help to heal lesions by suppressing immune system irregularities and can also come in oral medication, ointment or gel form.

Certain medications, oral trauma, hepatitis C, allergens and stress are triggers that can cause oral lichen planus, according to Mayo Clinic. A doctor may request an individual to discontinue use of a medication that triggers oral lichen planus, and a referral to a specialist in liver disease or infectious diseases to treat the hepatitis C may be necessary. An allergist or dermatologist can treat oral lichen planus caused by allergens, and using gentler oral cleaning methods and replacing dental devices can relieve oral lichen planus caused by oral trauma. Stress management strategies or addressing mental health issues can treat oral lichen planus caused by stress.

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