What Are Some Treatment Options for Watery Eyes?


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Treatment options for watery eyes include lubricating eye drops, moist compresses, antibiotics and antihistamines. The prescribed treatment depends on the severity of the condition and the cause, explains NHS Choices. A physician performs an eye exam to determine the underlying cause of the watery eyes, explains Healthline.

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What Are Some Treatment Options for Watery Eyes?
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If the cause is a bacterial infection such as conjunctivitis, the eye doctor prescribes antibiotics, states EyeHealthWeb. If the problem is an allergic reaction, the doctor prescribes antihistamines or anti-allergy drops such as Zaditor or Lastacaft. The patient may place a warm, wet towel on the eye several times a day to help with a blocked tear duct, according to Healthline. In severe cases, a doctor might perform a drainage procedure or surgery to clear blocked tear ducts.

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