What Are Treatment Options for a Vertebrae Fracture?


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Treatments for a vertebrae fracture include activity modification, back bracing, bone-strengthening medications and surgery, states WebMD. During activity modification treatment, the patient spends time abed. The amount of time depends on the risk of bone loss and osteoporosis during the inactivity.

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Sometimes a vertebrae fracture can be treated with a back brace that acts as a cast for the affected bones, explains WebMD. Back braces are rigid materials that support the fractured vertebrae and the rest of the back during the healing process; however, excessive use of back braces can result in muscle loss. In some cases, a person with a vertebrae fracture takes a series of bone-strengthening drugs, such as Actonel and Boniva, to prevent osteoporosis and aid in healing.

Surgical treatment is another option for healing a vertebrae fracture, says WebMD. The three types of surgery are vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty and spinal fusion surgery. Vertebroplasty is a procedure where small cuts are made through which a cement mixture is inserted to harden the fractured vertebrae. Kyphoplasty is similar, but first a balloon is inflated around the fracture into which the cement is inserted. In spinal fusion surgery, two vertebrae are connected with screws and metal rods so that they can fuse together.

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