What Are the Treatment Options for a Uterine Prolapse?


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Self-care remedies, such as performing Kegels, maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding heavy lifting can treat mild uterine prolapse. Reducing pressure on the pelvic structures prevents further complications. Surgery or insertion of a vaginal pessary are possible treatments for advanced uterine prolapse, according to Mayo Clinic.

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A vaginal pessary, a device inserted into the vagina to hold the uterus in place, is a temporary or permanent treatment option for a woman with advanced uterine prolapse, according to Mayo Clinic. Some pessaries are removable, and women must take them out every evening, while others are intended for longer use.

Women with more severe uterine prolapse who are not optimal candidates for a vaginal pessary may consider surgery as a treatment, advises Mayo Clinic. Surgical options include repair of the weakened pelvic floor through grafting or a hysterectomy. Surgeons may perform the procedures through the vagina or the abdomen. In some cases, laparoscopic surgery may be an option for simpler cases. Women who plan to become pregnant in the future need to consider the fact that uterine prolapse surgery can be undone during pregnancy and delivery. In all cases of uterine prolapse, women should take preventative measures to control the condition by eating a high-fiber diet, drinking fluids and controlling cough severity.

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