What Are a Few Treatment Options for Uterine Cancer?


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Common treatment options for uterine cancer include surgery, radiation, hormone therapy and chemotherapy, according to Mayo Clinic. Doctors determine a patient's treatment plan based on factors such as general health condition, the stage of the cancer and the characteristics of the tumor.

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Surgery is often the primary treatment option for uterine cancer, also known as endometrial cancer, as explained by Mayo Clinic. The procedure normally involves the removal of the uterus through a hysterectomy in addition to the removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes. After the procedure, the woman becomes infertile, and she enters menopause if the procedure removes the ovaries. Before surgery, radiation treatment can serve to shrink the tumor, and after surgery, it can help prevent cancer recurrence. This treatment may be performed externally by targeting the area with a beam of radiation or internally by placing radiation-filled wires, seeds or cylinders in the vagina.

For advanced uterine cancer that has metastasized away from the uterus, hormone therapy may be used to slow the growth of cancer cells, according to Mayo Clinic. Options include medications to raise progesterone levels and medications to reduce estrogen in the body. Patients may also receive one or more chemotherapy drugs orally or intravenously, especially in cases of recurrent or advanced uterine cancer.

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