What Are Some Treatment Options for Tingling in Your Toes?


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Depending on the cause of tingling or peripheral neuropathy in the toes or feet, treatment options include controlling diabetes, treating vitamin deficiencies, using medications and maintaining a healthy weight, according to BootsWebMD. Often, it involves treating the underlying cause of peripheral neuropathy.

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Causes of tingling sensations in the toes vary widely and can range from frostbite or injury to diabetes or alcoholic neuropathy, and in some cases, be a symptom or warning sign of a stroke, states Healthgrades. Other possible causes of toe tingling are HIV, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, pressure on the nerve or exposure to toxins. Tingling in the toes is often a sign of a serious medical condition and should be evaluated by a physician. Serious complications can occur such as amputation of a limb, brain damage and permanent irreversible nerve damage, but these risks are lessened with medical care.

As there are many possible causes of tingling in the toe, there are a wide variety of other symptoms that may accompany the tingling sensation, explains Healthgrades. For instance, numbness, pain, difficulty walking or changes in sensation may occur in the toe. Other symptoms may affect various areas of the body and include muscle weakness, pain when walking or loss of muscle coordination. Serious symptoms that may indicate a life-threatening condition include paralysis, sudden changes in vision, severe headache or changes in the level or alertness.

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