What Are the Treatment Options for a Stye on the Eye?


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Treatment options for a stye on the eye include self-care home treatments, surgery and medications such as antibiotics, notes eMedicineHealth. However, a stye usually disappears without any treatment between five days and one week.

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What Are the Treatment Options for a Stye on the Eye?
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Self-care treatments include warm compression and gentle scrubbing, according to eMedicineHealth. In warm compression, the individual shuts his affected eye, then presses a warm compress against the stye for 15 minutes. The process should be repeated four to six times daily.

Stye surgery may be necessary if other treatments fail or if the stye causes medical complications, says eMedicineHealth. During stye surgery, the doctor makes a small cut on the eyelid, then drains the stye pus through the incision.

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