What Are the Treatment Options for a Sty in the Eye?

What Are the Treatment Options for a Sty in the Eye?

Treatment for most styes on the eye include applying warm, wet compresses or over-the-counter medications and, in some cases, prescription medication or lancing the stye, according to WebMD. Most styes break open on their own and drain, requiring no treatment at all.

Applying compresses for five to 10 minutes three to six times a day usually makes a stye heal faster, WebMD states. This treatment opens the pores to allow the stye to drain.

Several over-the-counter treatments may also help, WebMD reports. These include ointments, solutions and medicated pads.

Most styes open and drain within three days and are completely healed in a week, WebMD explains. If home treatment does not work or the stye grows large, patients should consider contacting a doctor. Large styes may need to be lanced to help them drain. The doctor may also prescribe antibiotic pills, ointment or drops.

It is important to avoid wearing contact lenses and eye makeup until the stye has healed, WebMD says. Patients should also not squeeze or attempt to open the stye on their own.

Styes are an infection of the eyelid that creates a painful red lump, WebMD states. Most styes form on the edge of the eyelid, but they can form on the inside of the eyelid as well.