What Are Some Treatment Options for Stage IV Adenocarcinoma?


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Stage IV adenocarcinoma treatment options include surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The mode of treatment varies depending on where the cancer grows in the body as well as the how far it has spread, as stated by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

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Adenocarcinoma originates in the glandular tissues and affects several organs of the body including the colon, lungs, pancreas, cervix, prostate gland, stomach and thyroid, notes News Medical. Common ways of treating stage IV adenocarcinoma include chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. Use of any of these treatment options depends on the location and size of the tumor, how far it has spread and the patient's condition.

Surgical procedures are often carried out to get rid of the tumour plus other surrounding tissue, preventing further growth, notes the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Chemotherapy involves use of drugs to kill cancer cells, either in the entire body or in a specific organ. Radiation therapy is mostly used in combination with surgery and chemotherapy to prevent recurrence of adenocarcinoma and other forms of cancer.

Common chemotherapy medications used in treating adenocarcinoma include cisplatin and pemetrexed, also known as Altima, states About.com. Targeted therapy may also be carried out to kill or inhibit multiplication of cancer cells within a specific area or organ of the body. Targeted therapies are preferred over chemotherapy because they have fewer side effects.

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