What Are Some Treatment Options for Skin Rashes?


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The treatment for a skin rash may include antibiotics, antifungals, using of oils and change of diapers, and washing the skin thoroughly with water, notes Drugs.com. The appropriate method for treating a rash is based on whether it is caused by allergic reactions, infections, contact with toxic materials and plants, or a response to other environmental stimuli.

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Treatment of skin rashes depends on a number of things, including the allergic reactions, irritants, disorders and infections. If the infection causing the skin rash is caused by a bacterial infection, the medication prescribed is antibiotics, but a fungal infection requires antifungal prescriptions. If the cause of the rash is an allergic reaction, physicians recommend a high dosage of antihistamines, which are important in the suppression of the reactions of the immune system, according to Drugs.com. Children and individuals using diapers may experience skin rashes with a relatively simple treatment that requires diaper changes or use of oils and creams. There is the possibility that the skin rash is a reaction to poisonous plant, which requires thorough washing with water and seeking urgent medical attention.

While most rashes are not severe ailments, they can be life-threatening, claims Drugs.com. Fever, fast pulse, nausea and hives are some of the symptoms that suggest serious medical complications, and patients experiencing them should contact a physician immediately.

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