What Are Treatment Options for the Side Effects of Statins?


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Treatment options for the side effects of statins include switching to a different statin, reducing the dose, reducing exercise and possibly taking coenzyme Q10 supplements, according to Mayo Clinic. A doctor may be able to recommend an alternative plan to lower cholesterol that does not cause as many side effects.

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Some people find that stopping statin treatments for 10 to 14 days allows them to determine if the statin is definitely the cause of the side effects, states Mayo Clinic. Some different types of statins may cause less side effects, so speaking to a physician about switching may be an option for some people. Reducing the dose size of statins may help with side effects, but it may also reduce the positive aspects of the medication. A doctor may be able to recommend a statin that provides the same results through smaller doses.

Exercising may cause muscle aches to get worse, notes Mayo Clinic. For this reason, people experiencing side effects may wish to speak to a health care provider about altering their exercise routines. Studies suggest that taking coenzyme Q10 supplements may help to reduce the side effects of statins for some people, however this is not confirmed, as of 2015. It is important to speak to a doctor before taking additional medications or supplements.

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