What Are Treatment Options for Severe Arthritis of the Hip?

What Are Treatment Options for Severe Arthritis of the Hip?

Treatment options for severe arthritis of the hips include lifestyle change, exercises, pain management and surgery. While causes of arthritis of the hips are unknown, some of the factors associated with it include aging, injury and obesity, notes WebMD.

Stiffness of the hip, buttocks, groin and thighs is the most common symptom associated with osteoarthritis of the hip. Sharp pain in joints may be experienced during active hours but will go away when resting. Grating or cracking sensations, tenderness and swelling of the joints are also symptoms associated with this condition, according to Healthline.

Over-the-counter medicines that help relieve pain can be used to treat mild cases of hip osteoarthritis. Severe cases may require prescription painkillers.

Another option for treatment involves changing lifestyle or behavioral patterns. Individuals who are overweight may have to find ways of losing weight before the condition gets worse. Eating a healthy diet, getting adequate rest and using compresses to relieve pain may be effective ways of dealing with the condition.

Exercise generally promotes better fitness which is why it is a good way to manage hip osteoarthritis. Cycling and swimming are among some of the best activities to engage in when dealing with this type of arthritis.

Individuals dealing with severe cases of hip arthritis may have to go through surgery. Surgery is usually the last option for those experiencing excruciating pain and mobility complications.