What Are Some Treatment Options for Sciatica Pain?

What Are Some Treatment Options for Sciatica Pain?

Some of the most common treatment options for sciatica pain include resting, muscle relaxants, physical therapy, antidepressants, pain relievers, surgery and prescription medicine. Sciatica pain is a condition in which the sciatic nerve located on the lower spine near the buttocks is irritated. This condition is estimated to affect 40 percent of the human population at some point of their life, according to WebMD.

One of the most commonly recommended treatments or remedies for this condition is rest. Engaging in heavy activity may worsen the irritation, thereby causing an increase in pain which is why taking a nap or relaxing on the couch may be a good idea.

Another treatment option available for this condition is surgery. However, this option is used as a last resort and is commonly prescribed for people who have an underlying cause. Physical therapy that may involve simple daily exercises and posture changes is another option available as a treatment for the condition.

Medications such as pain killers can help ease mild pain, while antidepressants and prescription drugs may be recommended for those who experience persistent pain.

People who suffer from sciatic pain can fully recover after treatment. However, some may experience long term symptoms depending on the actual cause of the condition, as noted by MedicineNet. Daily exercises and healthy diet are key to preventing this condition.